Generosity Generates

Author: Pat Matson

I’ve been marketing my business recently to Life and Spiritual Coaches, and one of them told me about a group for writers like me where I could post articles to demonstrate my skills. I told her I was going to write an article about her generosity and post it for certain and for sure. So why not share it here as well?

Generosity generally means kindness centered on giving things to people. Yes, and a whole lot more! Generosity can only happen when you understand that you have enough. Generosity can only happen when you have a loving heart. Generosity can only happen if you release your gift without expecting anything in return. In Webster’s 1828 dictionary, he defines its oldest usage as nobleness of soul; magnanimity. Would you say that you are generous? The woman who referred me to that group certainly had nobleness of soul, and she did not expect anything in return. It felt so good being the recipient of her generosity. Would you like to unfold more generosity? If you select generosity as the focus of your mentality, your experiences will begin to change drastically.

I recommend looking for ways to become more generous, and here are a few ideas:
  •  Let drivers in a hurry go first 
  •  Allow the guy with just one can of beer to get in front of your filled-up shopping cart 
  •  Look for the good in others and praise it 
  •  Clean out your closet and contribute your clothing to a woman’s shelter
  •  Give away old books you no longer want to a worthy group or a library 
  •  Offer to help a senior citizen carry her trash to the curb on trash day
  •  Pay for a friend’s dinner 
  •  Send your kids an unexpected check “just for grins”
  •  Offer consultations for free What can you expect to have happen? Well, remember we said true generosity expects nothing in return. True, and, because you are generating like a Mercedes engine, some of that is going to automatically rub off on you. You don’t set out with that intention for sure, but you can’t stop the wheels of the Universe once you crank them over. There will be wonderfully generous things begin to happen in your life.
  • Someone will recommend a new client to you 
  • Unexpected checks will arrive in the mail 
  • You’ll enjoy finding ‘deals’ wherever you go shopping 
  • You’ll find money in your other season clothing You might think these are coincidental, but they are really the working of the Law. It’s the Law of Cause and Effect doing its mighty work. It’s almost as if the Universe holds up a mirror of you, sees generosity, and says “Okay, then! Let’s reflect that back.” Yup! Generosity generates! 

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