I will like to acknowledge all the women who have contributed and submitted articles for this journal: Pat Matson, Tai Aracen, Judy Joseph McSween, Judy Hoberman, Shyla Logan, Lissa Cowan, Simmone L. Bowe Mullings, Shelley Jarrett, Gillian Wilba, Charly Leetham, Lyn Lucas and Yvette-Michelle Cottle Darby. I also want to thank Allison Valentine-Joseph for her poem, Yvette-Michelle Cottle Darby and Laura Putman for their photography. Thank you all for your generous contributions and support of Simply Inspirational for Women in Business Journal™ 2013. Without your support the journal would not have been possible.

I also want to thank, Maryam Abdallah, Karen May Di, Diane Kroe and Desi Christou for participating for the Business Profiles. As entrepreneurs we transcend every sector and industry. I especially love this element of the journal, because it reflects the diversity of entrepreneurship in which women are involved.

I want to thank Yvette-Michelle Cottle Darby and Don J. Darby for their role as Associate Editors, Layout Designers and Graphic Designers in the design and development of this journal. Their keen eyes and critical viewpoints have made this journal into the final product that it is. Thanks Yvette-Michelle and Don, for supporting me with my vision.

This journal was very time consuming, but was indeed a labor of love. It required a lot of love and dedication to come to fruition. I hope that each reader will gain some insight and will be inspired and motivated to work at realizing their dreams.