Dr. Cheryl Cottle, Ed. D
Founder and Editor in Chief

Dr. Cheryl Cottle is the founder and editor in chief of Simply Inspirational for Women in Business™. Dr. Cottle has dedicated herself to living a life that is meaningful and she strongly believes that women can be great examples for each other. She also believes that women entrepreneurs regardless of where they are from globally, can learn from each other, become educated, inspired, motivated, and empowered.

Dr. Cottle is an educator, researcher, Instructional Technology specialist and social media expert. She holds a doctorate degree in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning and Computer Applications from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, of the University of Toronto. Her doctoral research examined the socio-technical implications of computer technology in the workplace. Dr. Cottle also has a Master’s of Science degree in Instructional Technology and Instructional Systems Design, from New York Institute of Technology. She earned her Bachelor’s of Arts degree from the University of the West Indies, in English and History (African and Caribbean History).

Dr. Cottle is a Canadian and a native of Trinidad and Tobago. She has been an advocate for women's growth and development as long as she can remember. Her passion for change is rooted in her personal experiences and the experiences of others she has met throughout her life. Dr. Cottle feels that women can be more independent and that education plays a pivotal role in women’s independence. She believes that this education needs to be grounded in the basics and should include applied skills training, in order to facilitate positive changes in attitudes. An educational structure that helps build self-confidence, self-esteem and positive self-concept will serve as a catalysts to transform women and help them to reach their full potential. She believes that global educational approaches that include these tenets can have a positive impact on social, economic and political change.

Dr. Cottle believes that if women and girls receive a holistic, well-rounded education it will foster women to be active participants in every aspect of their lives. Dr. Cottle has a vision for women's transformation and is a strong proponent of collaborative knowledge building. It is with the spirit of collaboration that this journal was born.

“Very often we want someone to emulate and believe that we have to look outside of ourselves or outside of our communities. However, each and every one of us can be a beacon of hope that we can grow from. We do not have to look very far, simply look at the person in the mirror or next door." ~ Dr. Cheryl Cottle