You Too Can Be An Entrepreneur

Author: Dr. Cheryl Cottle

Have you taken the time to understand what entrepreneurship is all about and have you come to the realization that "you" too can be an entrepreneur? "Igniting” the entrepreneur in you can be released. It is not only for those individuals who profess to have passion and a burning desire, or even a "risk taker". They are not the only ones with those qualities. Being an entrepreneur is no longer a title for "business people." It embodies a set of skills, attributes, characteristics, values, knowledge, confidence and yes passion. The next question you can ask yourself is, can I also have those skills? How can I acquire them? Once you can acquire them and you have the confidence that you can do it; you can go ahead and accomplish it.Take that first step!

Entrepreneurial attributes are now considered very highly in organizations. Employees with these skills hold very high positions within an organization and are seen as "ideas generating" and "creating new knowledge" to take their business forward. Large organizations also compete to get these employees. These creative employees have become a very resourceful commodity in the marketplace. They are often the leaders, and decision makers. They also hold very high offices and represent departments within and across the organization. They are also responsible for expanding the organizations "absorptive capacity" for growth and expansion.

Employees with entrepreneurial skills are given the opportunity to climb the corporate ladder and are acknowledged for their contributions. They receive acknowledgement for being innovative through the companies’ magazines. Some also receive "awards" while others receive the opportunity to advance their knowledge at educational institutions of their own choosing. To do so many of them is financially supported by "soft loans" which they do not have to reimburse. They are offered the opportunity to pursue their academic studies; not just part-time but full-time; and on returning the chance to be promoted, if not upwardly but laterally.

"A man or a woman must be big enough to admit his or her mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them." ~ John C. Maxwell

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